Adventure video & photo creator.

What about me?

Why me?

10 years of experience as a business owner I know how to create content that helps reach your targets and I’m keen to advise about what works best but always with a open ear to the ideas of others.

How it started.

Based in the French alps but originating from the Netherlands with over 20 years of experience in extreme sports. I started filming sports with a handycam wrapped in plastic, ducktaped to a helmet because that was all we had. I started creating more video’s in sports. Wrapup and promotional video’s of any kind of watersports and snow sports.


Gearing up.

What started with a ducktaped handycam is now a bit different.

All my video’s are delivered in 4k. To be agile whilst out in the mountains, sea or snow I’ve chosen a fullframe Sony A7IV camera with several lenses and a waterhousing to get almost every shot. For what’s left I use a DJI drone(certified drone pilot) and a Gopro. Get the live onboard audio with sports through the wireless DJI mic or get the ambient sound with my Rode oncamera mic.

Let’s talk money.

It’s pretty straight forward. My dayrate including gear is 375 euro, I will spend the same amount used for filming to make the edit. Using athletes etc. the pricing will differ, depending on their ratings. Travel etc is not included, so ok maybe it’s not that straight forward but it gives a idea of what the price will be.

Free video’s for upcoming athletes!

I do free video as well! After 10 paid video’s, I create 1 for free. These video’s are for upcoming outdoor sports athletes who can’t just yet afford to pay someone to create a video for them. I want to help these young guns to reach a bigger audience and therefore create a video with them.

So by hiring me you help new athletes.

You feel like you deserve a video and have a cool idea? Send me a mail.



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